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Summoned to a Parallel World Many Times

Summoned to a Parallel World Many Times is an isekai manga series about the adventures of a young man transported into another dimension and discovering powerful abilities that both excite and frustrate him in this strange new environment.

He encounters people from parallel worlds, which may differ in personality. Over the course of his journey he may form intimate friendships with some or all of the participants on it.

Keiki Kiryuu

Keiki Kiryuu, a high school student from Japan, finds himself traveling back and forth between two parallel worlds several times each month, without recall of past visits or knowing why he keeps getting called there. Each visit brings something new: mysterious creatures, alien languages and strange customs… but ultimately his journeys bring extraordinary powers he doesn’t expect!

He encounters Nina who becomes his source of strength in life. She exudes confidence and courage – qualities which he deeply admires – so they spend much time together and become close.

He meets individuals summoned from other worlds who work together in an attempt to help each other navigate this dangerous new one. One issue they experience is feeling powerless over changing this new reality; their efforts don’t appear to make any lasting differences.


Isekai novels often explore parallel universes to add depth and give their protagonist special abilities that help them overcome any challenges that come their way. In this manga, the protagonist can summon spirits from other realms and use his powers against both evil spirits as well as any darker urges that might manifest themselves within himself.

He meets other beings from different worlds who have also been summoned into this reality and work alongside them against evil forces which threaten their homes, strengthening his confidence in himself and his abilities. As a result, his sense of confidence increases.

This manga offers an exhilarating and exciting story with an intricate plot full of twists and turns, captivating characters and unique worlds that make for a captivating reading experience. Perfect for anyone interested in fantasy fiction!


Once summoned into a parallel world, the protagonist discovers extraordinary powers within that new reality that both thrill him and challenge his identity as a hero. Learning to adapt to his surroundings while fighting for survival becomes his goal.

He makes friends with Kairi, Namine and Xion who also come from another world; these women give him hope that he may one day return home and resume his real life.

Parallel universes are a popular theme in light novels, manga, and anime. This technique can help explore character relationships and their effects on other realities while also being an effective means of mocking religious beliefs – for instance in Kingdom Hearts games the Nobodies Roxas and Xion were split apart into separate bodies but in Birth by Sleep and Coded they reunited into one entity again.


Summoned to a Parallel World Many Times is an epic tale that will keep readers on the edge of their seats, from its captivating characters and fast-paced plot to unexpected twists and surprises. Perfect for fans of fantasy fiction alike! This Isekai title won’t disappoint.

Riku is one of the main protagonists in this game. He is a young man who has been summoned into various worlds with special powers that allow him to interact with those also summoned, defeat evil forces and save people from demon kings.

He is a trustworthy friend, yet can also be stubborn. A skilled fighter, Sora has strong feelings for him as an example to follow and always tries to do his best in protecting people in perilous situations despite feeling powerless to save all those whose lives he could potentially save. Often frustrated at not being able to save everyone at once.

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